NVRI E-News: March 10, 2006

Senator Simpson weighs in on Spending Limits


Some updates as enter the weekend

Senator Simpson says Spending Limits are Needed

Discussion about the Supreme Court�s consideration of campaign spending limits continues. Today in the Boston Globe, former Senator Alan Simpson (R-Wyoming) weighs in � you may know he�s in favor. Here�s an excerpt:

    The time that elected officials spend to raise money raises questions about their ability to be effective and deliberate legislators. When we were spending so much time raising money, we simply could not devote quality time to thoughtful decisions and debate. It lowered the substance of our work.
Simpson and former Senator Bill Bradley (D-NJ) filed an amicus brief in this case, supporting the law. Read the whole piece here.

Voting Rights Act Reauthorization Campaign heats up

Yesterday, NVRI Managing Attorney Brenda Wright spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation about the Voting Rights Act, and the importance of its renewal. Wright focused on a particular aspect of the Voting Rights Act, Section 5 and Section 203, and discussed the specific importance they have in protecting voting rights in America. Read her testimony here.

ACLU TV Show Discusses Voting

There�s some good television on Sunday, when the show "ACLU: Freedom Files" focuses on the right to vote in America. The show looks at disenfranchisement, as experienced by Americans today, and underscores the importance of reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act. The show will play on Court TV. For more on the show, check www.aclu.tv/vote. The ACLU has also just launched a new campaign on Voting Rights Act restoration. You can find that here.

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Stuart Comstock-Gay
Executive Director
National Voting Rights Institute