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Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to BCRA Hard Money Increases
Lawsuit Brings Attention to Practice of Bundling Contributions

As many readers will know, the Supreme Court is poised to undertake the most thorough review of campaign finance law since the 1976 Buckley v. Valeo decision, after a three-judge District Court on May 2, 2003 ruled on the eleven lawsuits challenging various provisions of the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA). Among the appeals the Supreme Court has accepted for review is Adams et al. v. FEC et al., in which plaintiffs represented by NVRI challenge the BCRA�s increased limits on direct candidate or �hard money� contributions as a violation of equal protection principles.

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Case Updates
Victory Before the Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeals more>>

Royal v. North Carolina Comes to an End more>>

Amicus Brief Filed
NVRI Urges the Supreme Court to Allow Regulation of Corporations. more>>

NVRI And Friends Seek To Reinstate FEC's Disclosure Policy more>>

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As the wealth primary process of the 2004 presidential election steams ahead, the National Voting Rights Institute continues its campaign toward the day when the viability of candidates running for public office will no longer be determined by their access (or lack of access) to wealth. more>>

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Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to BCRA Hard Money Increases

Seeking Enforcement of Campaign Finance Law Against Ashcroft 2002 Senate campaign

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Amicus Brief Filed

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Court Victories Lower the Boom on Big Contributions

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