Recounting the Votes in Ohio

In the year 2000, the United States Supreme Court stopped the vote counting in the State of Florida and, for the first time, selected the president of the United States. It marked a dark moment in our nation's history. Since then, people throughout this country committed to the vision of democracy pledged never to let it happen again - never again would we allow an individual to assume the power of the presidency without the proper counting of all the votes.

Yet it did happen again. You don't have to believe that a proper recount would have changed the ultimate winner in Ohio, to believe that the absence of a fair recount in Ohio is a deeply troubling sign for American voting rights. If you believe that democracy demands precision in counting - if you believe, in the words of Tom Stoppard, that "it's not the voting that's democracy, it's the counting," - then you should remain deeply concerned about the count in Ohio.

NVRI continues to press the state of Ohio to conduct a thorough and accurate recount. If done right, this recount can point the way to fair counts - and recounts - throughout the country. Read here about what is happening with this ongoing struggle.