What We Do

What We Do

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NVRI uses innovative legal and advocacy strategies in the pursuit of change in the courts of law and courts of public opinion. We believe in a holistic approach, whereby we will analyze the needs of each campaign, and use our resources appropriately, whether that means litigation, public education efforts, legislative consulting, organizing, coalition building, or other work.


NVRI was founded by lawyers seeking to use the law to change how American democracy works. NVRI has a staff of outstanding and nationally recognized lawyers who litigate in state and federal courts, file actions with enforcement agencies such as the Federal Election Commission.

Provide public information and education

NVRI shares its understanding of issues through newspaper and on-line opinion articles, publication of reports, press conferences, conferences, and other means.


Because litigation alone cannot fix our problems, NVRI is committed to building movements in communities where we work. We are not on the ground in many communities, but others are - allies such as the NAACP, PIRG, Common Cause, and Public Campaign - and we will work with them.

Consult with Legislators and Advocates

NVRI frequently advises legislators and policy advocates in drafting legislation, responding to amendments, and preparing legislative campaigns.

Build Coalitions and Collaborate

NVRI believes that no one group of individuals has the a solution for problems with American democracy. NVRI works with allies in the campaign finance, civil rights, citizens, and democracy reform movements to make a better democracy. As the saying goes, you can accomplish much if you don't care who gets the credit.

Who we work with

NVRI collaborates with many organizations and individuals. As a non-partisan nonprofit organization we never advocate for one candidate or another, but work with people who share our goals and objectives, wherever they come from. Our partners are nonpartisan advocates and reformers, law firms, Democrats, Republicans, independents, Greens, Libertarians and anybody who wants a more fair democracy. When reading about our different work, you will find links to the websites of many of our colleagues.