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NVRI is involved daily in efforts to protect voting rights, expand the franchise to include more Americans, and make the system more fair for all. We no longer provide links to newspaper stories discussing NVRI work, because those links become inactive too quickly. Following is information - press releases, opinion pieces, and more - distributed by NVRI about our work. To sign up for frequent updates about NVRI, click here.

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A regular message from NVRI Director Stuart Comstock-Gay about NVRI activities. To sign up for these updates, click here.

New! Splintered Supreme Court Overturns Vermont's Campaign Spending, Contribution Limits

Study Shows Campaign Contribution Limits Do Not Harm Challengers

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NVRI-Demos Partnership Celebration Wednesday 5/31 in Boston

E-NEWS ACTION ALERT – Act by Friday to Support Spending Limits

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NVRI Opinions

Following are some recent articles and opinion pieces written by NVRI staffers.

Recounting the Vote: Executive Director Stuart Comstock-Gay discusses the importance of recounts in improving elections systems, (November 6, 2006)

Registering Indifference: NVRI Staff Attorney Lisa Danetz discusses vastly different reactions from two states confronting their shortcomings in voter registration, on (October 30, 2006)

Blow To Fair Elections: NVRI Executive Director Stuart Comstock-Gay comments on the Supreme Court's decision in Randall v. Sorell, on (June 28, 2006)

Brenda Wright's Testimony Before Congress on Voting Rights Act Reauthorization (pdf) (November 1, 2005)

The Carter-Baker ID Card Proposal: Worse Than Georgia: NVRI Board Member Spencer Overton Talks About Why the Carter-Baker Commissions' Voter ID Law is a Bad Idea.

In unveiling the Carter-Baker Election Reform Commission's proposal on voter identification, former President Jimmy Carter condemned Georgia's recently enacted voter ID law. He labeled the Georgia law -- which makes government-issued photo ID an absolute requirement to vote -- a discriminatory poll tax that should be "overthrown by the courts." He tried to distinguish the Carter-Baker ID proposal by asserting that it had adequate safeguards to ensure that legitimate voters would not be excluded.

But the Carter-Baker proposal is more exclusionary than any state ID law -- including Georgia's... (September 27, 2005)

Voting Rights Act — all of it — still needed after 40 years: In 1965, a landmark law was passed that banned discrimination during elections. Here's why -- 40 years later -- America still needs it. NVRI Executive Director Stuart Comstock-Gay wrote this piece for (August 5, 2005)

Why Spending Limits Are Necessary (pdf): NVRI Managing Attorney Brenda Wright presents a new take on spending limits in the National Law Journal. (June 27, 2005)

Sports and Politics. Executive Director Stuart Comstock-Gay, in a piece published by UPI (The NFL's Salary Cap, Baseball, and Politics), compares the NFL's salary cap with the lack of one in baseball -- and politics -- and finds the former a good model. A similar piece (What Politics Can Learn from the NFL) appears in (April 27, 2005, June 16, 2005).

Voter ID Supporters Lack Hard Evidence (pdf): NVRI Board Member Spencer Overton Talks about the Proposals to Require Photo ID for Voters, in an Opinion Column in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. (April 8, 2005).

A New Frame - a New Constitutional Amendment (pdf): In a speech at an American University conference, NVRI General Counsel John Bonifaz on Why a Constitutional Amendment for the Right to Vote Can Help Move Voting Rights Forward in America. (March 31, 2005).

Why the Recount Still Matters. Even after the vote has been certified, the recount still matters. Read why. (January 10, 2005).

Recounting the Ohio Votes. Executive Director Stuart Comstock-Gay discusses the Ohio recount. (December 21, 2004).

Congressional testimony (pdf). General Counsel John Bonifaz testifies before Congress about the outrage in the Ohio vote count. (December 8, 2004).

Democracy for Millionaires. Executive Director Stuart Comstock-Gay talks about money in politics, and campaign spending limits. (September 22, 2004).

The Donor Class: Campaign Finance, Democracy and Participation. A scholarly paper by NVRI board member Spencer Overton, in which he shows that the donor class effectively determines which candidates possess the resources to run viable campaigns. (Fall 2004).

Free Speech and Corporations. Staff Attorney Lisa Danetz discusses important litigation about corporations and the law. (April 2004).

Why Public Financing of Elections is Constitutional, by Managing Attorney Brenda Wright. (April 2004).

The New Poll Tax: What Blacks Need to Know about Campaign Finance (pdf). Board member Spencer Overton talks about money and race in the NAACP publication, The Crisis. (January 2004).

Is John Ashcroft above the Law? Staff Attorney Bonnie Teneriello on NVRI's efforts to press the FEC to enforce campaign finance laws against Attorney General Ashcroft. (December 18, 2003).

Campaign Reform's Next Step (pdf). Board member Spencer Overton urges more attention to small-dollar donors in American politics. (December 2003).

More Hard Money in U.S. Elections. General Counsel John Bonifaz discusses the McCain-Feingold law and its increase in hard money contribution limits. (December 11, 2003).

Robed in Secrecy (pdf). Staff attorney Bonnie Tenneriello and Texans for Public Justice Director Craig MacDonald talk about Texas corporations and the Texas Supreme Court. (October 2003).

Elephant in the Courtroom. Staff Attorney Bonnie Teneriello on the limits of the McCain-Feingold legislation. (September 4, 2003).

Ashcroft's Little Secret. Staff Attorney Lisa Danetz writes on the Ashcroft funding violations. (August 26, 2003).

To Work, Campaign Laws Have to Be Enforced (pdf). Attorney Lisa Danetz calls for the Federal Elections Commission to take its job seriously. (April 2002).

Poverty, Race & Campaign Finance Reform. John Bonifaz discusses the crisis in American democracy. Poverty & Race newsletter, (Sept/Oct. 1999).

Brenda Wright, Minority Vote Dilution Is Still Illegal, Southern Changes, Vol. 22, No. 4 (Winter 2000).

Brenda Wright, Young v. Fordice: Challenging Dual Registration Under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, 18 Miss. Coll. L. Rev. 67 (Fall 1997).

Brenda Wright, Johnson v. De Grandy: Mixed Messages on Equal Electoral Opportunity Under Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, 3 D.C. L. REV. 101 (Spring 1995).

Brenda Wright, Is race-conscious districting to achieve minority representation constitutional? Yes: Toward a Politics of Inclusion, ABA JOURNAL, July 1993.

Brenda Wright, The Bench and the Ballot: Applying the Protections of the Voting Rights Act to Judicial Elections, 19 FLA. ST. U. L. REV. 669 (Winter 1992).

Other articles of interest

John C. Bonifaz, Gregory G. Luke and Brenda Wright, "Challenging Buckley v. Valeo: A Legal Strategy," 33 Akron Law Review 39 (1999).

John C. Bonifaz, "'Not the Rich, More than the Poor': Poverty, Race, and Campaign Finance Reform," Poverty & Race, Sept./October 1999.

John C. Bonifaz and Jamin Raskin, "The Constitutional Imperative and the Practical Superiority of Democratically Financed Elections," 94 Columbia Law Review 1160 (1994)

John C. Bonifaz and Jamin Raskin, "Equal Protection and the Wealth Primary," Yale Law and Policy Review, 11 Yale Law & Policy Review 273 (1993).

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Copies of NVRI newsletters. The regular NVRI newsletter is currently on hiatus.

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