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June 27, 2006  View Executive Director Stuart Comstock-Gay's interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, discussing the Supreme Court's decision on Randall v. Sorrell.

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Video and transcript of the interview available here
                                                (Interview begins at minute 11:00 of the clip)


March 9, 2006 NVRI Managing Attorney Brenda Wright discusses the importance of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, during a panel discussion sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

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Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Conference on the Voting Rights Act (WMV)


January 5, 2006: View Executive Director Stuart Comstock-Gay's interview on New England Cable News regarding the Abramoff scandal and campaign finance reforms.

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Stuart Comstock-Gay's Interview (WMV)


August 2, 2005: A debate co-sponsored by NVRI, US PIRG, and Common Cause features Brenda Wright and James Bopp (James Madison Center for Free Speech) on the constitutionality of campaign spending limits, as well as Adam Lioz (US PIRG) and John Lott (American Enterprise Institute) on the policy implications of spending limits. Stuart Comstock-Gay moderates.

Available Downloads:
Debate Panel I: Lioz & Lott (ASX)
Debate Panel II: Wright & Bopp (ASX)


June 9, 2005: NVRI Managing Attorney, Brenda Wright, comments on NECN television regarding the indictment of former Massachusetts House speaker, Thomas Finneran.

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NECN Television (WMV)


April 25, 2005: Jesse Jackson, Jr. makes an impassioned speech at Lesley University regarding the support of a Constitutional right to vote in America.

Available Downloads:
Jesse Jackson, Jr. - Part I (WMV)
Jesse Jackson, Jr. - Part II (WMV)